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However, others believe globalization to be a process that only benefits countries that are already economically strong. Censorship in Music is a Violation of Constitutional Rights 942 words

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Essay on arranged marriages

essay on arranged marriages

represented (or, at best, ignored) by the media (p. However, recent studies have shown that although arranged marriages start with a low level of love (using the American Rubin Love Scale they usually have twice the amount of love as non-arranged marriages within 10 years. Arrange marriages are a complex subject, and the concept is perceived as a human rights issue where individuals loose the right to freedom of choice. Hence, this shows that in an arranged marriage, the couple will pharmacy essay umanitoba not expectanything from the partner instead give a full commitment to adjust themselves with their partner. 3, arranged Marriagechildren based on several criteria which are suitable to the adult children for instance same religion andsame caste. An arranged marriage is when a couple are decided to wed by people other than themselves. Any marriage can become miserable and violent, regardless of whether couples are thrown together. Primarily, I had a lot of misunderstanding and had formed stereotypes towards arrange marriages, I knew so little. However, after being introduced to someone who is in the process of an arranged marriage; and conducting my own research; my view changed.

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Many people cringe when they hear the words arranged marriage. This type of marriage, known as a culturally specific decision (Seth, 2008 has been confused with a forced marriage. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, arranged marriages are able to last because the integrity, values and belief system of the family guide them. However, that is not always the case. In summary, researchers have confirmed that show more content, unfortunately, this occurs only in fairy tales. Whereas in non-arranged marriages the level of love seems to become less as time goes. Based on Dr Gecass argument and the divorce rate statistic, we can benefits of research papers see thatby practicing arranged marriage, we can avoid marriage failure. (Habib, K16) This is because younger generations are wanting to take direction over their own choices and their own lives (Habib, K16) and their parents see this and respect that. APA, mLA, chicago, arranged Marriage. (Habib, K16) Ninety five per cent of all marriages in India are arranged. (Habib, K16) Love is learned as the ties to the marriage partner grow. Hence, it is very practical to choose arranged marriage to find a mate because it is not onlyguaranteeing us a mate, but also a suitable mate for addition, arranged marriage is a good practice because it is more stable than love marriage interms of love.

essay on arranged marriages

In this day and a ge there are two different ideas of marriage.
The first being a marriage.

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